Enhanced Modularity
Next-Level Performance
doogee s90 pro

A Tri-Proof, Improved Performance,
Advanced Modular, Heavy Duty Flagship


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Day Hr Min Sec

Once purchased you can get a free tempered glass screen protector.

  • 6GB RAM

    128GB ROM (eMMC 5.1)

  • Helio P70

    AI Octa-Core

  • 6.18” FHD+

    U-Notch Design( In-Cell)

  • 5050mAh

    Large Battery

  • 12V/2A

    Wired Charge

  • 16MP + 8MP

    AI Dual Camera

  • 10W

    Quick Wireless Charging

  • Android 9.0 Pie

    New Features

  • 0.3s Fingerprint Reader

    Face Unlock

  • 4 Modules

  • IP68 / IP69K


  • Survival Toolkit

    Hard Coulometer


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Concept Prototype Production Highlights
This is S90 PRO
World’s Most Advanced Rugged Phone
Incredible Modular System

Why Choose DOOGEE S90 PRO?

Recently, people are preferring to move from a smartphone to a rugged phone thanks to the tri-proof design.Going for a rugged phone allows them to skip phone insurance and repair charges. Moreover, it allows you to work with your phone in extreme situations and workplaces as a builder, diving instructor, an Adventurerr, extreme sports athlete.

Let’s see how accidents happen when we use regular phones:

Hands-On or Promotion Video of the phone


Redesigning what was already a perfect modular rugged phone. The S90 Pro offers the same invulnerability and trust as of S90, an upgraded modular system, and 10% better AI response as well as next-level performance outbreak. In short, there’s a lot of more to it then the addition of ‘PRO’.

  • Same Invulnerable Tri-Proof Design
  • 13% faster task performance
  • Upgraded to Helio P70 with 10% boost in AI
  • Increased frequency up to 2.1GHz
  • Enhanced Modularity For Better Connectivity
  • Bokeh effect is rendered at 24fps
  • IP69K added to the certification list
  • 3x improvement in camera performance
  • 35% increase in power efficiency
  • 15% longer battery life

13% faster task performance



35% increase in power efficiency



15% longer battery life



3X improvement in camera performance




S90 Pro

IP68 / IP69K / MIL-STD-810G Security IP68 / IP69K / MIL-STD-810G
Helio P60 CPU Helio P70
5050mAh Battery 5050mAh
Android 8.1 OS Android 9.0

After receiving lots of optimistic remarks about the S90, we have continued the modular design in the S90 Pro. For a much better connectivity than the previous generation, we have enhanced the modularity of the PRO version by strengthening the magnetic terminals. Moreover, what seemed to be already a good modular rugged phone has been made perfect with the upgradation to Helio P70.

An Indestructible Heavy-Duty Flagship Beyond Belief

Featuring the reinforced, unbreakable military grade titanium (MIL-STD-810), the S90 Pro is all set to face the challenges that the nature brings. Surviving the absurdly extreme temperature range from a freezing -30ºC to a hot +60 ºC, bumps from a rocky mountain to the muddy swamp drops, the S90 Prois there to boost your confidence on every step, every path, every journey.

Why go for S90 Pro? You might enjoy the tri-proof durability from other rugged phones, but can you expect to be modular? Moreover, can you connect a power bank module, speaker module, gamepad module, and walkie-talkie module to them? With the enhanced magnetic terminals, the module connectivity is the best one can experience on a rugged phone. Moreover, with the upgraded Helio 70 witness a performance surge and better AI task completion.

An Australian Adventurerr:

“I’m a huge fan of rugged phones because I cantake them with me at places where normal phonesdon’t work. Any mishap can happen with the ordinary phone but there’s no worry when there’s the tri-proof phone at that time. I moved from AGM X2 to DOOGEE S90 Pro because of the modular system it was offering. It’s not bad to keep some modules with you to make sure that you and your phone survives”

To Improve the waterproof feature, DOOGEE takes a higher level of nano waterproofing along renewal process and waterproofing membrane.

What About Shockproof ?

We have added more rubber insulation and upgraded our design to make S90 Pro completely shockproof.

What About Breakproof ?

The increased rubber around the edges of the phone allows it to absorb all the impact when hitting the surface. Thus, no damage is done to the screen or body.

Beside Being Shockproof and Waterproof, let’s do a Dustproof test as well:

Everything You Need, In One Phone

We want to make our products innovative so that they appear to be unique from the rest of the phones. That’s why the DOOGEE S90 Pro inherits the modular design from the S90 with an improved magnetic connection. Connecting a power module, gamepad, or a night vision camera to it has never been that much easy. Long battery, easy gaming, and shooting in the dark are what most of us demand. Don’t we?

Night Vision Camera 5000mAh Powerbank DOOGEE S90Pro Power Digital Walkie-talkie Guess Module

Contact Where Your Phone Signal Can't Reach

Let's say a team is going to a remote area for some activities or some construction work. There are no network signals. This is where the Power Digital Walkie Talkie Module with come handy. Attach it to your S90 Pro, set the frequency and contact with your team members and inform them about important events. We made this module so that you won’t be alone in no man's land.

Mobile Gaming At Next Level with GamePad Module

For an avid gamer inside you, no need to grab one of those expensive gamepads when you can attach a Power Gamepad Module to your S90 Pro. Experience an improvement in your gaming skills and be victorious in games such as PUBG: Mobile

Shoot in The Dark With External Night Vision Camera Module

Perceive what you can’t see in complete darkness with the night vision mode by attaching DOOGEE’s external camera module to the phone. Images can’t be clearer under complete darkness with a 12x photosensitive boost to images from the ultra-wide Sony external camera module. We just made perfect crystal clear low-light images and recording possible.

Why Not Make it 4 Days Instead of 2 Days

Even if, somehow, you manage to cross the two days battery life of the S90 Pro, it can be extended to two more days with the external 5000mAh powerbank module. Because why not? Everyone loves more battery. Plus, no need to attach it to a USB port for charging. With the strong copper magnetic terminals, you won’t notice if your phone is attached to a Powerbank.

How to Add Module

2 Hours, 2 Days Challenge

10000mAh Battery, Endless Power

Capture More Than What You
Can See With Wide-Angle AI

S90 Pro

AI Dual Camera
large aperture
Excellent low-light image quality

S90 Pro

AI Dual Camera
large aperture
Excellent low-light image quality

Integrating numerous features inside a phone has become a ‘MUST’ these days. Users demand a phone featuring at least some entry-level features. However, we provide more advanced features when it comes to DOOGEE S90 Pro despite being a rugged phone. Let it be paying via NFC, taking pictures with night vision, securing your phone with an ultra-fast 0.1s fingerprint reader or highly details AI face recognition and a fully packed toolkit to ensure that you and your phone survives without a worry in the world.

All Payments At One Touch,Supports Google Pay as Well

Store your credit cards, debit cards, bus card, all magnetic info at one place. Just scan the phone with the reader to get access to all your payments with the highly-secure NFC chip underneath the forged military grade steel chassis.

Secure Your Phone With Ultra-Fast Fingerprint Reader and AI Face Recognition

Keeping your phone highly secure has never been this quick and easy. Supporting up to 540 ppi resolution, scan your fingers a couple of times, and unlock your phone before you even blink. For more details, your face can be your identity and phone access, by using the AI face unlock get a real-time accurate phone to unlock just by looking at your phone.

Survival Toolkit

For Adventurerrs, we have provided everything basic you need to survive in the wild. These include the most used instruments including a compass, gradient checker, picture hanging tool, air quality checker, barometer and a lot more.

Three Global Positioning Systems For Accurate Location

Three Global Positioning Systems For Accurate Location Combining the accuracy of GPS, Glonass, and Beidou, DOOGEE S90 Pro provides the most accurate and advanced positioning with more stable satellite signal coverage and precise navigation routes.

DOOGEE S90 Pro Vs iPhone 8 Plus Camera Low-Light Comparison

DOOGEE S90 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Active vs CAT S91

DOOGEE S90 Pro Samsung Galaxy S8 Active CAT S91
Modular Yes No No
Notch Yes, U-Notch No No
SoC Helio P70 AI Snapdragon 835 Snapdragon 630
ROM 128GB 64GB 64GB
Durability IP68 | IP69K | MIL-STD-810G IP68 | MIL-STD-810G IP68 | IP69K | MIL-STD-810G
Rear Camera Dual Rear Camera:16MP (Samsung)+ 8MP Single Camera: 12MP Single Camera: 16MP, Thermal Sensor, Laser Distance
Front Camera 16MP AI SonyWide-Angle Beauty Camera 8MP 8MP
Battery 5050mAh / 10W Wireless Charging 4000mAh 15W wired / PMA wireless charging 4500mAh QC 4.0
OS Android 9.0 Pie Android 7.0 Nougat (upgradable to Android 8.0 Oreo) Android 8.1 (upgraded to P)
Security Face / Fingerprint Unlocking / NFC Iris / Fingerprint Unlocking None
Price $299$399 $850 $908

The First Users Highly Recommended DOOGEE S90 Pro

A Swimming instructor:

With the regular swimming classes and teaching kids inside the pool, DOOGEE S90 Pro makes me worry-free of getting damaged by water.

A hiker:

I love to go hiking almost every day. Rough terrain makes my phone often fall off my pocket. Thanks to the DOOGEE S90 Pro breakproof body, my phone is now immune to such falls.

An Adventurer:

At a few places in the wild I’m lost and normal phones won’t navigate accurately. The three positioning systems in S90 Pro allows me to get the most precise and accurate location of where I am.

Reviews from the websites

  • The phone is compatible with a variety of add-on modules and has a rugged design.You are getting a unique phone for the price.
  • The Doogee S90 Pro is at its core a “rugged phone”, a niche category that caters to people who frequent rough environments.
  • A few seconds is all you need to bestow the S90 Pro with the ability to use night-vision, thanks to a separate clip-on module.
  • This tank of a phone has lasted me a week on one charge.
  • The Doogee S90 is at its core a “rugged phone”, a niche category that caters to people who frequent rough environments.
  • If you intend to wander off the beaten path, then the Doogee S80 is probably a more suitable company than an Apple iPhone or anything made for more general use.
  • DOOGEE’s new phone is a rugged device, and it is IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810G certified. Not only is the phone water and dust resistant, but it can also take a hit if you accidentally drop it.
  • The S90 Pro is targeted at people who need a device that can survive in tougher work conditions.
  • The S90 Pro still offers some of the one-of-a-kind features found in the previous edition, making it one of the best rugged phones on the market.
  • Pitched as the Bear Grylls of smartphones, the Pro is essentially a refreshed version of the S90 that comes with some tasty extras like Android 9.0 Pie, 24W super flash charging, underwater functionality, and a more powerful Helio P70 processor that should boost performance and battery life.

DOOGEE S90 Pro Unboxing and First Impression

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